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Volunteer at Intel ISEF 2013 in Phoenix

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013 will be held May 12-17 in Phoenix, AZ. SSP seeks volunteers to serve as judges, interpreters, and to provide general support. Judges require a PhD, or Masters' degree with six years experience. Interpreters and volunteers do not require scientific training.


Grand Award Judges volunteer to evaluate the projects of all student finalists in the 17 categories and select the winners of the top awards presented by the fair in each category. To be a Grand Award judge, one needs to hold an M.D. and/or Ph.D. in one of the 17 scientific categories or have a minimum of six years of professional work experience in the respective category.

Intel ISEF unites students from 70 countries, regions, and territories each year. Approximately 200 interpreters are needed to work with students in conversational or scientifically-informed interpretation. In 2012, the greatest demand was for Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin, but there is need anticipated for more than a dozen languages. No scientific background required.

More than 500 volunteers across a spectrum of activities are needed. Volunteer opportunities are available during the week in a range of shifts. We encourage you to explore all of the volunteer opportunities and experience Intel ISEF in your community. No scientific background required.

Contact SSP for additional information on volunteer opportunities at Intel ISEF 2013.


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To be a Huge Prize assess, one needs to keep an M.D. and/or Ph.D. in one of the 17 medical groups or have at the least six decades of expert encounter in the specific classification.

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