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Four SSP Alumni Inducted into the National Gallery of America’s Young Inventors

On October 23, in Akron, Ohio, four SSP alumni will be inducted into the National Gallery of America’s Young Inventors.  The gallery has honored inventors in grades K-12 annually since 1996 in order to preserve and promote great inventions that have the potential to have a positive impact on society.


Here are the SSP alumni being honored this year and their Intel ISEF project titles:


  • Katherine Bomkamp
    • Intel ISEF 2009: Pain Free Socket
    • Intel ISEF 2010: The Pain Free Socket 2.0: Eliminating Phantom Pain in Amputees Using Thermal Biofeedback Incorporated into Prosthetics
  • Gavin Ovsak
    • Intel ISEF 2010: An Efficiency Study of a Head Controlled Computer Interface Using Embedded Circuitry
  • Audrey Leasure and Gennifer Rubin – Team Projects
    • Intel ISEF 2009: Temperature Induced Structural and  Functional Changes in Human Secreted Phospholipase A2
    • Intel ISEF 2010: The Use of an Electroless Intermetallic Coating to Reduce Infrared Emissivity and Temperature Oscillation in Metal Alloy Saw Blades



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